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No matter what your car is saying, our team is hear to listen

They do just that. Cars and trucks tell us all kinds of things. Sometimes it’s simply, “I’m feeling a little gummed up,” so we change their oil. Other times it’s, “Whoa, I’m having a hard time slowing down,” so we inspect the brakes.

Our mechanics want to hear from you about what sounds your car is making or what it feels like when you step on the gas or hit the brakes. Is your A/C running like a heater? Do you see oil on your garage floor? Does your car pull to one side when driving down I-25? One of our auto mechanics will even go for a ride with you to feel exactly what you’re experiencing .

Once our team of certified mechanics diagnoses your car, we apply only the necessary auto repair services and nothing extra. We help plan out maintenance, repairs, and let you know what can wait and what repairs need to be addressed quickly for your car’s longevity and your safety.




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Our auto shop is conveniently located in midtown Fort Collins off of Horsetooth and College.

Auto Repair Backed By 100% Customer Satisfaction

First and foremost, we want our customers to be safe. Even if you only need an oil change, we give your car a thorough digital safety inspection and walk you through the results. Oh, and, when we do fix something, we back it up with a 5-year/60,000 mile warranty – the best auto repair warranty you’ll find in Fort Collins. We’re that serious about doing our job right and keeping you and your loved ones safe on our busy roads.

Auto Shop Reviews

This is how you run a shop and grow a business! My family has taken our vehicles to McCormick’s for years. We value their customer service, honesty, and integrity. Their communication is excellent, they get things done when they say they will, and they take time to answer any questions before and after service.

Stevie D

I’m a college student, and they made me feel like I wasn’t being taken advantage of in terms of price and the service performed. They were very accommodating, and were able to squeeze me into their very busy schedule while they were shorthanded. They also have an excellent warranty, so I can be sure the work done on my brakes will last me a very long time. Highly recommend 🙂

Sierra Fluegel

I used McCormick to inspect a used car we were considering buying & they were awesome to work with. They did a thorough inspection, provided me an inspection report & didn’t even charge me.
The customer service was outstanding as well. Steve was extremely courteous, honest & promptly performed the service. They provide guarantees on their work as well. Truly awesome place.

Raymond Gallegos

My entire experience here was extremely thorough, I was talked through each repair I needed, what they would cost, and what’s most important to what I needed. Mark talked me through what my options were and did everything he could to make good repairs within a budget. Will definitely come here again.

Will Boris

Had these guys put in a new clutch for me and couldn’t have been more pleased with the quality of work done and the attention to detail when diagnosing other issues I had. 100% professional and upfront with the process and it was done quickly too! It’s tough to find a good mechanic shop but if I ever need anything else done I will be coming back here

Colin Sperry


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