What? An auto repair center that offers a 5 year or 60,000 mile warranty on repairs? Yes. 

At McCormick’s our goal has always been, and still is, to take care of you. That means, when you bring your car in for repair, we back it up with an industry leading warranty. If the repair that we perform doesn’t hold up for 5 years or 60,000 miles*, we’ll take care of it and cover parts and labor. To top it off, if you’re traveling outside of our service area, you also get a 3 year, 36,000 mile nationwide warranty through our partnership with Technet.

What does the warranty cover?

When you arrive to pick up your repaired vehicle, we’ll walk you through the entire warranty. The warranty covers all services with a few restrictions when it comes to parts that wear like brakes, wiper blades, etc. We’ll make sure you understand the warranty thoroughly before you drive off.

Why do you choose to offer such a comprehensive auto repair warranty?

We offer this warranty to give you peace of mind. We don’t want you driving off wondering if your car repair was done properly. We stand behind our work and the parts we select for your repairs. We use only the best parts from trusted suppliers to ensure that the part will last. We have trusted and qualified professional technicians who take pride in what they do. They want to stand behind their work. They want you safe and stress free on the road.

Photo of Car Decorations in Lobby of McCormick Automotive Center in Fort Collins, Colorado
Front of McCormick Automotive Center in Fort Collins, Colorado

The Only Auto Shop in Fort Collins

The only place you’ll get a warranty like ours in Fort Collins is at our shop. We are the only shop to offer a 5 year 60k mile warranty. Dealerships, as well as a few other independent shops, will usually cover their work for a maximum of 12 months 12,000. A few independent shops offer a maximum of 3 year 36,000 miles warranty. We truly are industry-leading. Nobody else in town compares to our 5 year 60k mile warranty.

What to do if you have a warranty concern?

Please call us immediately if an issue with your car arises. We’ll do a thorough diagnosis and work with you to get things taken care of. After the diagnosis, we’ll let you know if the issue is due to a failed repair or if something else has caused the problem. As always, we’ll explain everything as clearly and thoroughly as possible.



A Note About Technet

Technet, a nation-wide network of independent auto repair centers, offers support to our customers when they travel or move away. The network is one more way for us to offer you a little more peace of mind about your repair. It allows you to take your vehicle to any Technet affiliated shop in the US for warranty coverage for 3 years or 36,000 miles. On the flip side, if a Technet facility somewhere else repairs your car, and you have an issue with those repairs while you are in Fort Collins, we are able to do the repairs under the Technet warranty. If the need arises, please contact Technet at www.technetprofessional.com and the phone number for them is 866-588-0728.